I couldn’t have said it better!

Hey Folks! How’s your week been? I hope it has been productive, fun, and just plain Awesome! 😉

My week has been productive, exhausting, thought-consuming, and every bit adventurous!

Anyway, I read a very powerful article by Sid Savara titled, “Stop Waiting For Your Life To Begin”.

Please take 5 minutes to read it and think about what you desire to create out of this one chance you get out of being alive. I often tell my friends, “This is your only chance to live, make it worth your while and make it an adventurous trip whereby you are able to share it and be proud of!”

I couldn’t agree more that nobody on their deathbeds wish they had spend more time doing things that they do not love and value.

Have a splendid weekend!

With much love,
Rachael 🙂

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