Crossfit: What It Means To Me & Tips For Improvement

I once read a very insightful quote. It goes something like this:

Do not play a sport to get fit, rather get fit for the sport.

Crossfit has become an integral part of my living because it is the vehicle that enables me to enjoy the journey of attaining health, fitness, and the body I desire; one that is strong, fast, agile, and tone. It is also the building block for the other physical activities I engage in such as, yoga, meditation, rock climbing, backpacking, tennis, and getting ready for Tough Mudder in September 2012!

Whenever I encourage my friends to do a Crossfit Workout of the Day (WOD) with me, they often tell me, “Rachael, this is too intense for me and it is not my thing!”  Crossfit is always challenging and will always be for me! But, what techniques have I incorporated into my life to enjoy the process despite the post WOD soreness?

Here are a few simple tips, and I hope they can be helpful for you as it has been for me:

  1. To be successful in life and in business, the ultimate goal is to defeat yourself! That’s right, it is not about competing with your friend’s time, number of rounds, or reps! It is all about beating your own score! If it took you 15minutes to run 1 mile on May 10th and 2 weeks later it took you 14mins to run 1 mile, you’ve beaten your old score. You’re on the path to progress and success.
  2. Consistency is the mother of great rewards. There will be days when you aren’t pushing as hard and days when you are extremely hyped. Either way, complete the WOD to the best of your abilities and never cheat, even if it is just 1 rep! If and when you are unsure how many reps you have completed, just throw in an extra two. It never hurts to do more, but it will gradually catch up on your if you did less.
  3. Never give up on yourself. Your family, friends, and society can tell you that you suck, look down upon you, or give up on you. But, You must never give in to their negativity nor give up on yourself! You are the most important person underneath the sun; therefore, do the best you can given your current condition.
  4. Be kind, patient, and respectful towards yourself. Every progress you dream off, requires time and your consistent effort. If you didn’t complete your 1 mile run in 12 minutes today, you can always give it another try tomorrow! Understand that failures are necessary as you are on your way to your ultimate destination, whatever it may be for you.

Apply the tips in any order that you desire, but always remember, that success happens when we are able to compete with yourself and beat your old score!


Rachael T.

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