Your unique path to your dreams & success

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~ Don’t be satisfied with the stories that came before you. Unfold your own path. – Rumi ~

We often read or hear about people’s successes. Sometimes, due to impatience or urgency, we read articles on the “secrets” to success. Such topics are difficult to avoid because it is posted on every reading material you can find: magazines, newspapers, online, or your family and friends can’t stop talking about them.

There was a time in my life when I would regularly read autobiographies of people I admire, mainly in the entrepreneurial world, because I was urgent to make it big quick! I admired their passion, courage, and persistence in actualizing their dreams into this physical world.

“I have dreams. I have many dreams.” I said to myself. But, after several years of reading autobiographies, I still could not figure out how to actualize my dreams into this physical world. I understood that taking action is important, very important. However, I still felt emptiness because I have not started any successful businesses and sure was not raking in millions annually.

I was frustrated, saddened, and felt defeated.

In mid-2011, I realized a very helpful and important truth. This truth opened my heart and eyes to this world of endless possibilities and opportunities.

This truth is simple and it is this:
Your journey in this adventurous life is uniquely yours.

We can read and learn from those who started before us, or those who lived before us. However, there isn’t a need to stress or compare their accomplishments to yours.

Each and every one of us, just like a fingerprint, is unique.

The current successes and past successes of other people are guide maps. They shine light on our unique path. Guide us when we feel lost. Calm us when we are overwhelmed. When fortunate enough, we cross paths with such great minds.

Nevertheless, always remember that what you’ve accomplished thus far and will accomplish in the years to come is unique, precious, and is your success – your story to share.

As 2013 is approaching, cherish the last month of 2012 by:

  1. Stating ONE clear goal that you want to accomplish in 2013.
  2. Create a visual imagery of your accomplishment in writing. This can 2 to 4 sentences long.
  3. Write down 3 steps you need to take for the rest of the month.
  4. Continue writing 3 steps monthly to accomplish this goal one month at a time until you reach December 2013.

For a powerful and effective way to manage your week to reach your long-term goals, check out John Falchetto’s article: How to organize my week by John Falchetto

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