How is marketing relevant to your life?

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This article from HBR is about marketing and it’s incredibly speed of change and innovation. The beauty of the article lies in the fact that we can reflect on our business’s marketing efforts and we can apply it to how we are living our lives.

Let’s Begin:

Should I do the opposite of what everyone else is doing?
This is a simple question that can lead you to very profound insights about what you want to do and achieve in your life.
There are some things that we ought to follow such as, completing our schooling, university studies, or getting certified in a particular program of our interest. However, we may reach a point where following no longer makes sense or helps us on the journey of our dreams.

For example: You have completed your undergraduate studies, should you pursue a Master’s or PhD? Many people are doing that, should you do it as well? You can consider obtaining international work experience, something that many people do not have, by working abroad as a teacher or guide.

What abandoned techniques can I bring back?
We live in a generation that is moving faster everyday and the pace at which societies, economies, and technology are moving is only going to speed up.
So, what are some techniques that will help me stay calm, focused, engaged, and joyful? Or, what practices can I do that enables me to be productive and effective at work and loving and compassionate towards people and myself?
There are many ancient philosophies and practices that is gradually making its way back into modern society such as, meditation.
Practice that…Begin with 10 minutes a day. GetSomeHeadSpace is a great company that offers guided meditation with tons of scientific research to support its work.

A very wise teacher once taught me:

The healthier You become, the healthier Everyone around You becomes.

As Gandhi once said,

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Let’s be the change together!


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