Why do we cry? Sometimes out of sadness…Other times out of joy or happiness. Oh, and especially when we are laughing our pants off! 😀 Without doing any scientific research on my own about tears and based upon my own observation, tears appear when we are experiencing joy or lack of it. When was the […]

Make the most of your life

Not every choice results in a positive impression and creates a big and long-lasting impact. Fortunately, as humans we have the ability to learn from our faults. We have the ability to discover our true nature and live to our utmost potential. Life is precious, oh so precious. As such, do not be distracted by […]

Four Tips to Reach Your Goals

Blogging, starting a business, or transforming your dreams into this physical world is most definitely adventurous and rewarding. However, it is not always fun and easy. We often hear people freely pass the advice, “Follow your passion…Do what makes your heart sing…If money isn’t an issue, what would you want to do everyday?…” If it […]